Thursday, March 7, 2013

BMW 3 Series GT

BMW 3 Series GT
BMW will expand the visual concept debuted in 2009 with the Bmw M5 Series GT in the new Bmw 3 Series GT, the brand presented the new model in Geneva.

Regarding Bmw 3 Series Touring, the GT is 20 cm longer, 8 cm taller and 2 cm wider. The internal space is also larger, especially for rear seat passengers. Moreover the driver is placed in a higher position.

At the rear, highlight to the introduction of a spoiler that fires whenever the speed is over 110 km / h and that retracts automatically when it is below 70 km / h.

The Bmw 3 Series GT maintains the same range of engines and transmissions and arrives in June.

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  1. BMW has become a synonym of the super luxury car and giving a tough competition to other brands like Audi and Mercedes.BMW 3 Series is a fine example of its expertise.