Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

BMW is showing at the Beijing Motor Show the Luxury Concept Future Vision study that may advance some ideas that will be a future Bmw 7 Series.

The new prototype follows the lines of a study Gran Lusso Coupe, developed last year by Pininfarina, has paint plated brass, with doors opening opposite and a prominent front grille flanked by new laser headlights. The German automaker said that the new study "provides an insight into the perception of the future of the luxury of the BMW brand."

The interior is, according to the manufacturer, a driver-focused cockpit. Thus, three screens which use 3D technology to provide data to the driver: a central display with programmable speedometer, tachometer, etc.. A screen on the left that shows information related to the vehicle; and lastly one screen to the right reserved to the infotainment system.

Rear passengers have at their disposal removable tablets which have access to all information related to travel and still entertaining.
Bmw has not revealed specs.


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  2. That BMW sort of looks like a Telsa no? But I'll be honest the i8 gets me way more excited than this vehicle. Until then I suppose I'll continue to lease a preowned bmw until the money will come up for any high quality new car!