Monday, April 15, 2013

New BMW 750d: elegance and strength

Top materials, and a more sporty design are the main characteristics of this top of the range BMW.
New BMW 750d

BMW 750d xDrive Sedan is all this and much more.
A strong character a unique presence, a luxury car. The new

The new version, of the BMW 750d made ​​a machine even more powerful. The design is not radically different, but the changes prove to be an asset.

The new adaptive LED lighting system of the BMW 7 Series is now even more expressive. The bars grille, the chrome on the front bumper and the generous air intakes reinforce the muscular image of the BMW 750d xDrive Sedan.

BMW has also created air curtains lining the front bumper and rear wheels, reducing air resistance, and allowing lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Also the interior has not been forgotten by BMW. The interior has been improved giving you comfort, more space and top safety technology.

The performance of the BMW 750d xDrive Sedan is from a true sport car. The version 750d with 381 horses with six cylinders have considerable benefits. This model can achieve in just 4.9 seconds 100km. In terms of urban consumption, the BMW 750d xDrive Sedan arrives near close of the 8 liters announced by the brand, but we overcame a bit.

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  1. BMW 7 series introduced with better LED lighting concept, safety and luxury features.definately will hit the market.

  2. The BMW 7er are the fastest car i drive, I was overtaken by a car exactly the same on Bowen Street this afternoon.