Monday, June 3, 2013

Bmw X5 updates

BMW announced the renewal of  the Bmw X5, with new exterior image, lots of technology, new versions and for the first time, a version with only rear wheel drive.

The X5 range  now has the Bmw X5 sDrive 25d  with four-cylinder / 218 hp and  the V8 and the Bmw X5 xDrive 50i now with 450 hp.

Promising to be more efficient and cheaper than the current Bmw X5 , due to the optimization package anti-emissions  EfficientDynamics, the X5 also adopts the solution Driving Experience Control,. You can also choose the M Sport pack or the Performance pack.

For the first time BMW offers two additional seats in the rear. The luggage capacity with just two rows of seats, increased to 650 liters.


  1. Kurtis, did you know that the BMW X5 has been officially revealed, and not only will it be available with a 4 cylinder diesel engine for the first time, but will also be offered with a new 2 wheel drive option! My fav car ever :)

  2. Kurtis, thank you so much for your post. I am excited that BMW has a version with rear wheel drive. I live in Utah and it is nice to know that I can consider an X5 with rear wheel drive.

  3. Thanks for your post. I am so excited to see the new X5 out on the road. I have always loved the X5 and I hope that I will have an opportunity to own one.

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